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Origin: ‘Harcot x ‘Reale d’Imola’ cross, early selected as ‘BO 89608015’.
Community Plant Variety Rights: EU37360 (24 March, 2014)

Tree: standard upright growth habit, vigorous; bears on spurs and one-year old shoots; the bloom is late, abundant, fully self-fertile; the yield is fair to good.

Date of ripening: 92 days from full bloom to ripening date, first week of July in the southern Po Valley (northern Italy).

Fruit: oblong, slightly asymmetrical and medium size (60-70g), not sensitive to cracking; skin is orange with 30-40% bright blush, of slightly acidic taste; the flesh is medium-firm, of uniform ripening, orange, melting and freestone, not sensitive to internal browning. Excellent aromatic flavour, very sweet, with balanced acidity. Pit is medium, elliptical.

Overall: very interesting cultivar for its fruit of outstanding eating quality.

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