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ORIGIN: ‘Ouardi’ x ‘Tirynthos’, from a breeding program of the University of Bologna, coordinated by CRPV (Cesena, Italy); early selected as ‘BO 81602075’. Introduced in 1993.

TREE: spreading growth habit, upright, of low vigor, easy to prune; early bearing, on spurs and 1-year old shoots; the bloom is abundant, early, fully self-fertile; the yield is very good and persistent through the years, needs thinning.
Date of ripening: 8-10 June in the southern Po Valley (northern Italy), 5 days before ‘Early of Tirynthos’, 20-25 May in southern Italy (end of April-beginning of May under protected cultivation).

FRUIT: round, symmetrical and medium size (55g) for its season, not sensitive to cracking; skin is light yellow without blush; yellow flesh, medium firm, melting, freestone. Flavour is mild. Pit is small and round-elliptical. Kernel is bitter.

Very interesting cultivar for the very early market, has replaced ‘Early of Tirynthos’; particularly adapted for protected cultivation.

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