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Origin: ‘Max 7’ x ‘Big Top®’ cross, early selected as ‘BO 02024028’.

Community Plant Variety Rights: under procedure. File number 2015/0825 (09 April 2015).

Tree: standard-upright growth habit, vigorous, easy to prune; bloom is medium, abundant; the yield is good. Flower is showy, glands are reniform.
Date of ripening: 144 days from full bloom to ripening date, middle of August in the southern Po Valley (northern Italy).

Fruit: round, symmetrical and of good size (more than 200g); overcolour is 75% bright red on a yellow ground colour; no russeting and no ‘inking’ after rain near picking time. Flesh is yellow, firm, slow softening, of uniform ripening. Excellent aromatic flavour, very sweet, with medium-low acidity. Pit is cling.

Overall: very interesting cultivar for fruit of large size and outstanding eating quality, of high and persistent yield.

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