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Origin: ‘Early Blush’ (NJ A53) x ‘PA  7005-2’ (‘Rival’ x ‘PA 63-265’), from a joint breeding program of the Universities of Bologna and Milano, coordinated by CRPV (Cesena, Italy).
Introduced in 2002 and
patented in April 2008 (EU 22062) as ‘BO 90.610.010’.

TREE: standard-upright growth habit, of medium-high vigour; early bearing, bears on spurs and one year old shoots; the bloom is medium-late, abundant, partially self-fertile; does not require pollinators; the yield is fair to good.

Date of ripening: 76 days from full bloom to ripening date, first week of June in the southern Po Valley (northern Italy).

FRUIT: oblong, symmetrical and large size (80g), not sensitive to cracking; skin is orange without significant blush, with sour taste, may show a light russeting in humid climate; the flesh is very firm, of uniform ripening, yellow-orange, melting and freestone. Flavour is fair. Pit is small and elliptical, kernel is bitter.

Very interesting cultivar for the early market, it is resistant to Sharka virus (PPV), both Dideron and Marcus isolates.
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